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Modern dance is a derivative of the “modernism movement” in art with its roots beginning in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Modern dance was born during the turn of the century, enveloped in the pinnacle of preeminent world changes. These changes occurred politically, socially, scientifically, and artistically, and included changes in literature, art, music, theater, and dance. Modern dance, which has been ever changing and evolving through the twentieth century, has ensured a place in the twenty-first century as a contributing integral force in the future of the artistic dance theatrical mainstream. Modern dance has been described as a “. . . point of view different for every decade, every country, and every human being who gives birth to it . . .”
Dallas Ballet Center’s modern dance classes provide knowledge and proficiency in this genre, thereby increasing the student’s repertoire of movement and choreography. Emphasis is placed on learning the particular movements and positions unique to both Bill Evans’ style and basic Martha Graham technique. Improvisational techniques will at times be demonstrated and practiced. The freedom to explore space outside the classical spectrum enriches the student’s vocabulary of movement, enabling the dancer to convey ideas and express inner feelings.


Beginning Modern Students must be 10-12 years of age; Intermediate Modern Students must be at least 13 years of age. A strong ballet foundation is highly recommended. Hair must be pulled back and secured. Black or dark colored leotards and black footless tights are also required.

Modern Levels
Modern Age 12+
Seasonal Modern II (by invitation only)